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The Complete Business Directory
of Products and Services for 
the Audio/Video Industry

"Recommended for all libraries in which there is more than a minimum interest in audio-video material." —Academic Library Book Review

"An exhaustive, cross-referenced directory blanketing ... the AV industry’s manufacturers, producers, distributors, services, techniques, and applications." —Backstage

Now the diverse world of AV suppliers, products, and services is at your fingertips in one, easy-to-use source: AV Market Place.

Fully revised and updated, this time-saving industry "bible" is the only guide you’ll need to find more than 6,500 companies that create, apply, or distribute AV equipment and services for business, education, science, and government.

Providing unmatched access to the AV industry—and such developing technologies as multimedia, virtual reality, digital audio, presentation software, and interactive video — this multi-indexed resource makes it easy to find the names and numbers you need. For example, you’ll discover:

  • An index of more than 1,250 AV products and services
  • A Products, Services, and Companies Index that identifies all firms geographically under separate Audio, Audiovisual, Computer Systems, Film, and Video sections
  • Company Yellow Pages, organized alphabetically, that provides complete contact information for every organization listed
  • Personnel Yellow Pages that provides information on key personnel for each company listed
2013/1,600 pp/softbound

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This 2013 edition has been superseded by the 2014 edition.

AV Market Place 2013
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