Biology Digest

Edited by Sue Hogan and Christine Sharkey

Biology Digest is a comprehensive abstracts journal covering all the life sciences. Each monthly issue contains 225 abstracts that are, in essence, individual digests of articles and research reports gathered from worldwide sources. Important information is retained in the abstracts to give a precise, inclusive summary of the original material.

Biology Digest was specially created to meet the needs of high school and undergraduate college students and is now used in more than 3,000 schools worldwide. It provides easy access to new scientific developments at a comprehension level appropriate for students. However, Biology Digest has proved to be useful to biologists at all levels—professional and amateur alike.

New section--Hot Science: Biology in the News--presents articles covering the latest life science developements "ripped from the headlines".

Biology Digest is also available on CD-ROM as part of the ScienceSource collection. For more information on ScienceSource contact NewsBank, Inc., at (800) 762-8182 or e-mail

Biology Digest - 1 year U.S. and Canada
0095-2958 Volume 38 (2011/12)$179.00

Biology Digest - 1 year Outside U.S. and Canada
0095-2958 Volume 38 (2011/12)$189.00

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