Dinosaurs in the Garden: 
An Evolutionary Guide to Backyard Biology

By R. Gary Raham

You don't have to go any further than your own backyard to find an amazing collection of plants and animals that will excite your curiosity and invite some simple experiments to learn more about them. For students and teachers of biology—as well as backyard explorers—Dinosaurs in the Garden will guide your journey through treetops, under culverts, and even down window wells to uncover creatures ranging from algae, fungi, and bacteria to spiders, worms, and salamanders.

"Drawings, photographs, and an informed but lively text draw out the evolutionary implications of the wonders that abound in the life around us... admirable for young would-be biologists and a resource for teachers and parents... amusing, direct, visual, never condescending to the reader or to any other living form, this is a find."—Scientific American

1988/279 pp/hardbound

Dinosaurs in the Garden
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