Click to enlargeThe Ecological Pine Barrens
of New Jersey - An Ecosystem 
Threatened by Fragmentation

By Howard P. Boyd

In his fourth book about the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Howard P. Boyd presents a fascinating study of the natural forces that created this unique ecosystem and a timely review of human development in the region.

Following a concise introduction to Pine Barrens ecology, Boyd delves into distinctive abiotic factors (physical processes and characteristics such as geological evolution, soils, climate, water, and wildfires) and biotic factors (plants and animals), emphasizing their interrelationships. He lists hundreds of species of Pinelands flora and fauna, surveys threatened and endangered species, explores man’s industrial and agricultural industries and their impacts, and offers an important discussion of the dangers current human activity presents to the survival of the ecosystem.

Howard Boyd’s passion for the Pine Barrens—along with his ability to make natural science compelling and comprehensible for lay readers—has never been more evident than in this exploration of the vast ecological area with which his name has become enduringly linked. The Ecological Pine Barrens of New Jersey is a must-read for ecologists, environmentalists, educators, students, and any individual with a serious interest in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and its future survival.

2008 | 240 pp/hardbound

The Ecological Pine Barrens of New Jersey
Hardbound - 978-0-937548-65-3$27.95

The Ecological Pine Barrens of New Jersey - Softbound

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