Foundation Reporter, 43rd Edition
Comprehensive Profiles & 
Giving Analysis of America's
Major Private Foundations

Known throughout the fundraising community for its depth of content, Foundation Reporter gives you all the important contact, financial, and grant information you'll need.

This comprehensive resource covers the top 1,000 private foundations in the U. S. that have at least $10 million in assets or whose annual giving totals $500,000 or more.
  • Thousands of new grants are featured in every edition.
  • Thirteen indexes provide access to the data you need.
  • Seven foundation indexes arrange funders by headquarters state, location of grant recipients, application deadline, and a master index showing all funders alphabetically by foundation name.
  • Six biographical indexes list funding executives who influence grant decisions by name, alma mater, corporate affiliations, club affiliations, and more. Researchers can use this critical information to identify common areas of interest between the foundation decision makers and the proposed project.
Foundation Reporter helps build a targeted, well-researched, well-planned campaign to increase your foundation support by thousands of dollars. By any measure, this is an excellent return on your purchase.

2011/c. 2,100 pp/hardbound

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This publication has been discontinued but we are still accepting orders for the 43rd edition.

Foundation Reporter, 43rd Edition
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