Click to enlargeGenetics & Your Health:
A Guide for the 21st Century Family

By Raye Lynn Alford, Ph.D., FACMG

Genetic research promises to revolutionize medical care in the 21st century, yet efforts to explain what the breakthroughs mean to the average person have been lost amid the frenzied news coverage of cloning and other hot-button issues.

Genetics & Your Health is a practical handbook for the non-scientist. It provides a basic understanding of genes and inheritance, the direction of current research and testing, and the real-world implications for individuals and families. It includes a glossary of terms, a concise guide to genetic diseases, the latest word on the Human Genome Project, and information on finding and working with local genetics professionals, societies, support groups, and foundations.

Medford Press 1999/304 pp/softbound

The softbound edition is out of print. You can still order the hardcover edition.

Genetics & Your Health

Genetics & Your Health-hardbound

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