Global Mobile: Applications and 
Innovations for the Worldwide 
Mobile Ecosystem
Edited by Peter A. Bruck 
and Madanmohan Rao

"Policy-makers around the world are still catching up with the explosive growth of mobile communications, and this timely report will help them along a number of dimensions—getting spectrum right, rural access, financial inclusion, and entrepreneurship."

—Dr. Tim Kelly, lead policy specialist, The World Bank

Editors Peter A. Bruck and Madanmohan Rao bring together an extraordinary cast of thought leaders and practitioners in this sweeping survey of mobile technology and its impacts on human life, work, and society.

Global Mobile examines the foundations of the worldwide mobile ecosystem through an array of case studies and perspectives on how mobile is transforming human enterprise—from business and healthcare to education, employment, entertainment, government, and the media.

Contributors describe how mobile can and is being used to expand economies, alliances, and partnerships, and assess legal, policy, and regulatory issues and challenges. Combining broad practical coverage with a pioneering vision, Global Mobile is the first essential guide to the worldwide mobile ecosystem.

"Global Mobile offers a panoramic vision of the new world of mobile connectivity, now and into the future. Essential reading for everyone involved in mobile media."

—Mike Sharples, professor of educational technology,
The Open University, U.K., and founding president
of the International Association for Mobile Learning

"Nothing gets marketers closer to their consumers than mobile and nothing captures or educates on that better than Global Mobile. It's a must read for the future."

—Greg Stuart, global CEO, Mobile Marketing Association

2013/632 pp/softbound | ISBN 978-1-57387-462-5

Ebook Editions are available.

Global Mobile
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