Click to enlargeHandbook of Indexing Techniques, 
5th Edition 
A Guide for Beginning Indexers 
By Linda K. Fetters

"A clear and concise guide to the essentials of indexing ... the perfect choice for a novice indexer, authors desiring to index their own work, or document specialists needing to index their organizations' materials. If you are considering indexing as a career, this handbook will help you make up your mind."

—Frances S. Lennie, Indexing Research,
Theodore C. Hines Award Winner,
and 2X ASI President

This fifth edition of Linda Fetters's popular Handbook of Indexing Techniques includes clear explanations of indexing techniques along with many helpful examples. In addition to its easy-to-follow "how-to" coverage, you'll find updated information about indexing seminars and training programs, professional organizations, and indexing standards. Chapter 8, "Electronic Documents," has been expanded to include basic coverage of embedded indexing, Cambridge University Press indexing, XML indexing, ebook indexing, web indexing, and taxonomies. And, for the first time, the book's bibliographic references—a rich source of suggestions for further reading—appear in two separate appendixes, one organized alphabetically and the other by topic.

2013/192 pp/softbound | ISBN 978-1-57387-461-8

Ebook Editions are available.

Handbook of Indexing Techniques, 5th Edition
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