Historical Information Science:
An Emerging Unidiscipline

By Lawrence J. McCrank

Historical Information Science is an extensive review and bibliographic essay, backed by 6,000 citations, about developments in information technology since the advent of personal computers and the convergence of several social science and humanities disciplines in historical computing. Its focus is on the access, preservation, and analysis of historical information (primarily in electronic form), and the relationships between new methodology and instructional media, techniques, and research trends in library special collections, digital libraries, electronic and data archives, and museums.

“The style is precise and academic, carefully considered and well-referenced. Buy a copy for your institution's library and direct your history, information science, AND information technology students to it ... and then, if you can, buy a copy for your own bookshelf and dip into it from time to time to re-examine definitions and resources or simply for inspiration.” —First Monday

2002/1,500 pp/hardbound

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Historical Information Science
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