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By Theresa Cramer

"Content marketing might seem like solely the domain of the marketing department. But the smartest companies know that it's actually a collaborative effort. Theresa Cramer tells you why—and she lays out the prescription for how to vastly increase the success of your own program "

—Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Marketers and brands are eager to cash in on the content marketing craze, but as EContent's Theresa Cramer points out, relatively few firms are doing it well. In fact, while a recent study shows that 90% of B2C marketers now have content marketing programs, just 34% rank their efforts to date as effective. In this book, Cramer's savvy guidance—drawn largely from incisive profiles and interviews with successful content marketers—demystifies the discipline and presents tactics and strategies that are working today. Cramer offers definitions and background, highlights minefields and misfires, and describes exciting new roles and opportunities for marketers, publishers, and journalists.

"There are many ways to generate attention for your product, service, personal brand, or cause. Nearly all require spending boatloads of money on agencies and advertising. Theresa Cramer shows you how content marketing has evolved into the best way to get your ideas out there to grow your business. And it's all free! "

—David Meerman Scott, The New Rules of Marketing and PR

2016/208 pp/softbound/ISBN 978-1-937290-06-1

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Inside Content Marketing
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