Click to enlargeLaughing at the CIO 
A Parable and Prescription
for IT Leadership
by Bob Boiko

"Laughing at the CIO is the ultimate cure for executive infophobia. Bob Boiko explains why tomorrow’s leaders must deal directly and intelligently with the I in IT."

— Peter Morville, author, Ambient Findability
and co-author, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

Here is a prescription for IT executives and professionals who are sick of suffering through a never-ending stream of technology "solutions" that never really solve anything. Through his modern-day fable of Information Technology gone awry, Bob Boiko shows execs and tech staff alike how to harness the "I" in "IT" to become leaders by making measurable movement toward strategic goals.

Boiko’s business parable leads to a set of concrete methods you can use to create IT strategy and action in your organization. Whether or not you are a CIO, if you recognize the power of information and have the desire to be an information leader, this book and Web-based ebook will show you the way.

"Takes the mystery out of information management by providing practical, grounded solutions that reflect how people work with information, technology, and each other. ... Should be required reading for anyone already in or aspiring to be in a leadership position in an information-intensive organization."

— Mike Crandall, Chair and Senior Lecturer
Master of Science in Information Management Program
The Information School, University of Washington

"[This] book gives the CIO and everyone working professionally with information a recipe for identifying the critical success factors for unleashing the hidden values within your systems, and turning lifeless data into living and actionable information."

— Henrik Jeberg, CIO, Danish Ministry of Finance

"To move into the information age, we need to get the CIOs to become ambassadors of information, rather than technology. Laughing at the CIO illustrates very well the problem facing many organizations around the world, where the value and strategic impact of information is misunderstood or simply bluntly ignored. ... No matter what your title is, the book is highly recommended reading for all of those interested in the future well-being of their organizations."

— Janus Boye, Managing Director, Boye IT, and
principal author, Enterprise Portals Report

CyberAge Books — 2007/224 pp/softbound

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Laughing at the CIO
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