Library 2.0: A Guide to
Participatory Library Service

By Michael E. Casey and Laura C. Savastinuk
Foreword by Michael Stephens

“In this book, you’ll discover the thinking behind Library 2.0 and its implementation, from user-centered planning to the need for constant evaluation. ... This model is not just for serving Millennials. It’s not just for the well-heeled techno-elite. It’s a service model for everyone.”

— Michael Stephens
From the Foreword

In Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service, two of the first and most original thinkers on Library 2.0 introduce the essential concepts and offer ways to improve service to better meet the changing needs of 21 st century library users. Describing a service model of constant and purposeful change, evaluation and updating of library services, and user participation, the book both outlines the theoretical underpinnings of Library 2.0 and provides practical advice on how to get there. From incorporating technology to reaching The Long Tail, from getting buy-in to maintaining momentum, all aspects of Library 2.0 are covered.

“Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk have taken the discussion of Library 2.0 from just a conversation among technophiles to the key audience: library administrators. They have debunked the myth that Library 2.0 is only about new technologies and framed it as a customer service issue. This book includes real life examples of how Library 2.0 can be applied in libraries.”

— Michael Golrick,
Library Director, L. E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, Eau Claire, WI,
and author, Thoughts from a Library Administrator

2007/200 pp/softbound

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Library 2.0
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