The Modem Reference, 4th Edition
The Complete Guide to PC Communications

By Michael A. Banks

"If you can’t find the answer to a telecommunications problem here, there probably isn’t an answer." —Lawrence Blasko, The Associated Press

Now in its 4th edition, this popular handbook explains the concepts behind computer data, data encoding, and transmission, and provides practical advice for PC users who want to get the most from their online operations. In his uniquely readable style, author and techno-guru Mike Banks (The Internet Unplugged) takes readers on a tour of PC data communications technology, explaining how modems, fax machines, computer networks, and the Internet work. He provides an in-depth look at how data is communicated between computers all around the world, demystifying the terminology, hardware, and software. The Modem Reference is a must-read for students, professional online users, and home computer users who want to maximize their PC fax and data communications capability.

CyberAge Books • 2000/306 pp/softbound

The Modem Reference, 4th Edition
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