Click to enlargePatriots, Pirates, and Pineys:
Sixty Who Shaped New Jersey

By Robert A. Peterson

Southern New Jersey is a region full of rich heritage, and yet it is one of the best kept historical secrets of our nation. Many famous people have lived in Southern New Jersey, and numerous world-renowned businesses were started in this area as well.

This collection of biographies gives the reader a sense of history about the area through the stories of the people who resided there, with the tales of such famous figures as John Wanamaker, Henry Rowan, and Sara Spenser Washington. Some of the subjects would be considered patriots, some pirates, and some Pineys, but all would be considered people who helped make America what it is today.

1998/155 pp/hardbound

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Patriots, Pirates, and Pineys

Patriots, Pirates, and Pineys (Softbound Edition)

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