Click to enlargeThe Philadelphian
50th Anniversary Edition

by Richard Powell, with a new Foreword by Oscar nominee Robert Vaughn

This 1957 national bestseller by the late Richard Powell, a seventh-generation Philadelphian, was touted by its publisher as a “shocking exposé” of Philadelphia and Main Line society. The novel was released to rave reviews and became the 1959 Oscar-nominated film, The Young Philadelphians, starring Paul Newman and Robert Vaughn. Spanning four generations beginning with the emigration of a poor Irish girl in 1857, The Philadelphian is a raw and powerful tale of a family of humble origins clawing its way to the top. The story climaxes in an unforgettable courtroom scene, with society on trial and an entire city held spellbound. This 50th anniversary edition restores Richard Powell’s remarkable novel to print after a long hiatus, and is a must-read for anyone who loves classic American fiction or the great city of Philadelphia.

“ Sophisticated ... brilliant ... entertaining. ”
The New York Times

2006 | 344 pp/softbound | ISBN 978-0-937548-64-6

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The Philadelphian 50th Anniversary Edition
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