A Library Road Trip Across America

By Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap van de Geer
Photographs by Geert van den Boogaard

“Just as early explorers roamed this country looking for settling places or good fortune, Erik, Jaap, and Geert—armed with laptops, cameras, video cameras, and sound equipment—roamed around a foreign place in a large mobile home (which they dubbed the MotherShip) looking for and collecting good stories. ... the importance of the ShanachieTour lies in the indomitable spirit and delight with which [they] went after and captured stories both grand and small. A good idea, a human idea, a seeking of understanding and connection are all at the heart of this unique experience. ... relive the tour through this wonderful volume and DVD.”

—Kathryn J. Deiss, ACRL
from the Foreword
This unique book with its accompanying DVD documentary follows three Dutch library employees on a coast-to-coast U.S. road trip to discover how American libraries are engaging their communities and preparing for the future. In the spirit of roving Scots-Irish storytellers from a bygone era, the “Shanachies”—Erik Boekesteijn, Jaap van de Geer, and Geert van den Boogaard—traveled to libraries both large and small in 2007, meeting with librarians to encourage, record, and share their stories.

The book includes original blog entries from the trip, insights from library professionals, and vivid color photographs of libraries, their staffs, patrons, and environs. An entertaining one-hour “road movie” on DVD brings the trip to life, featuring conversations with innovative librarians and educators from east to west.

With its infectiously upbeat outsider’s view of American libraries and the many challenges they face, this book and video set is sure to galvanize librarians of all stripes. ShanachieTour is a heartfelt love letter to American libraries: informative, inspirational—and a whole lot of fun!

2008/160 pp/softbound with DVD

ShanachieTour: A Library Road Trip Across America
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