Click to enlargeSmart Services
Competitive Information Strategies, 
Solutions, and Success Stories for 
Service Businesses

By Deborah C. Sawyer

"Finally, a book that nails down what every service business needs to know about competition and competitive intelligence. Smart Services offers competitive information strategies that firms can put to immediate use." —Andrew Garvin, CEO FIND/SVP

This is the first book to focus specifically on the competitive information needs of service oriented firms. Author, entrepreneur, and business consultant Deborah C. Sawyer illuminates the many forms of competition in service businesses, identifies the most effective information resources for competitive intelligence (CI), and provides a practical framework for identifying and studying competitors in order to gain a competitive advantage. Smart Services is a roadmap for every service company owner, manager, or executive who expects to compete effectively in the Information Age.

CyberAge Books | 2002/256 pp/softbound

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Smart Services
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