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Super Searchers Go to the Source 

The Interviewing and Hands-On Information 
Strategies of Top Primary Researchers--Online, 
on the Phone, and in Person

By Risa Sacks Edited by Reva Basch

For the most focused, current, in-depth information on any subject, nothing beats going directly to the source—to the experts. This is "Primary Research," and it's the focus of the seventh title in the "Super Searchers" series. From the boardrooms of America's top corporations, to the halls of academia, to the pressroom of the New York Times, Risa Sacks interviews 12 of the best primary researchers in the business. These research pros reveal their strategies for integrating online and "offline" resources, identifying experts, and getting past gatekeepers to obtain information that exists only in someone's head. You'll learn how Super Searchers use a combination of primary research tools and techniques, including interviews, public records, printed material, online databases, Internet sites, and direct observation. As a bonus, "The Super Searchers Web Page" features links to top information sources.

CyberAge Books 2001/430 pp/softbound

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Super Searchers Go to the Source
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