Click to enlargeSuper Searchers Make It On Their Own 
Top Independent Information Professionals 
Share Their Secrets for Starting and 
Running a Research Business

By Suzanne Sabroski; Edited by Reva Basch

“When information professionals choose to be self-employed, they often decide to work from home. What they need is the kind of collegial inside information the seers of this young industry share in Super Searchers Make It On Their Own.” —Paul and Sarah Edwards, authors of Working From Home: Everything You Need To Live and Work Under the Same Roof

If you want to start and run a successful Information Age business, read this book. Here, for the first time anywhere, 11 of the world’s top research entrepreneurs share their strategies for starting a business, developing a niche, finding clients, doing the research, networking with peers, and staying up-to-date with Web resources and technologies. You’ll learn how these super searchers use the Internet to find, organize, analyze, and package information for their clients. Most importantly, you’ll discover their secrets for building a profitable research business.

CyberAge Books | 2002/336 pp/softbound

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Super Searchers Make It On Their Own
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