Click to enlargeSuper Searchers on Health & Medicine: 
The Online Secrets of Top 
Health & Medical Researchers

By Susan M. Detwiler, Edited by Reva Basch

With human lives depending on them, skilled medical researchers rank among the best online searchers in the world. In Super Searchers on Health & Medicine, medical librarians, clinical researchers, health information specialists, and physicians explain how they combine traditional sources with the best of the Net to deliver just what the doctor ordered. If you use the Internet and online databases to answer important health and medical questions, these Super Searchers will help guide you around the perils and pitfalls to the best sites, sources, and techniques. As a reader bonus, "The Super Searchers Web Page" provides links to the most important Internet resources for health & medical researchers.

CyberAge Books 2000/208 pp/softbound

Super Searchers on Health & Medicine
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