Click to enlargeThe Accidental Law Librarian 
By Anthony Aycock

"A brilliant summary of everything a librarian should know before entering the law library profession. ... I wish this book had been around when I accidentally entered the legal library world myself."

—Terry Ballard, librarian and author,
Google This! Putting Google and Other
Social Media Sites to Work for Your Library

Where can I find the case Simpson v. Satterfield? What are the laws in Nevada on gun ownership? Can you help me apply for a business license? How do I copyright my name? Questions like these make a new law librarian's head spin. The truth is, all librarians are apt to get legal questions, and most struggle to respond. Collection development, too, is tricky if you seldom work with legal publishers. As the law touches more and more of our daily lives while lawyers price their services out of the average person's range, the public increasingly turns to libraries for answers. Where can librarians turn? Okay, that one's easy—to Anthony Aycock's The Accidental Law Librarian.

"Anthony Aycock has done for law librarianship what James Herriot did for veterinary practice. He brings alive the challenges of legal reference work, including the sometimes painful and often hilarious questions that arise. Whether you work in a law library or just appreciate the complexities of legal research, this book is a great read."

—Virginia Tucker, Finding the Answers to Legal Questions

2013/272 pp/softbound | ISBN 978-1-57387-477-9

Ebook Editions are available.

The Accidental Law Librarian
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