Click to enlargeVoices in the Pines - 
True Stories from the 
New Jersey Pine Barrens

By Karen F. Riley
Foreword by John Pearce
Illustrations by Andrew Gioulis
“The best book on Pinelands folklife since Beck’s memorable Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey series. A must-read for anybody interested in Piney lore.”
— Ben Ruset,

From true life tales of murder and mayhem to inspiring accounts of triumph over adversity and "Pineys" fighting to protect their way of life, Voices in the Pines brings the storytelling legacy of the Pine Barrens into the 21st century.

Author Karen F. Riley—a South Jersey transplant by way of Brooklyn, New York—roamed the woods, rural communities, and farms of the Pinelands in search of compelling stories. The result is an engrossing human journey into the heart of the Pines. You’ll meet artisans, activists, farmers, educators, local heroes, and regular folks in this collection of true stories—told in the words of those who lived them.

“An easy read ... a fun read. And what an education while you are experiencing Pinelands lore! You will learn a lot about people, and cranberries, too. When I claim to have 'saved' the Pinelands, I mean I tried to save it for people and places you will experience in Karen Riley’s book. She clearly knows what she is talking about and covers it delightfully.”

—Brendan T. Byrne

Voices in the Pines presents a captivating, diversified, and at times unexpected view of several residents of New Jersey's Pinelands. ... each one of these dynamic characters, whether they’ve resided here for nine generations or merely a few years, share in different ways a special love, understanding, and respect for this wonderful place we are all proud to call home.”

Cathy Antener,
2009 | 232 pp/softbound

Voices in the Pines - True Stories from the New Jersey Pine Barrens

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